Upgrading Old PC Advice

Approximate Purchase Date: no rush

Budget Range: $300-$500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: School work, watching movies, gaming.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes

Parts to Upgrade: not exactly sure, and this is why i need advice. The specs on my computer's 'about' page are as follows:

Location: Parramatta, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Any advice would be appreciated, just wanna improve an old pc that was pretty good at the time it was bought (5-6 years ago) without spending the money required to buy a brand new one.

Thanks in advanced.
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    So, from what I see, you might be able to reuse the case. That's about it with a computer that old.

    If you want to upgrade the CPU, you'll need to get new RAM, a new motherboard, and a new copy of Windows. That's enough to go over your budget right there.

    You'll also want to replace the hard drive, as that's near the end of it's useful life. The PSU is in the same boat, so that'll need to be replaced as well.

    The GPU isn't listed, but if you haven't upgraded it already, that'll need to be replaced as well.
  2. So do you think it's cheaper to just buy/build a new computer?
  3. You can save money on the case, but otherwise, it's best to get a new computer.
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