Best MIC under $50 - no external power supply

What's the best under $50 microphone that doesn't require an external power supply (has to be connected only to the jack port), or maybe one that need a usb supply?
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    you may want to specify.. 3.5mm or usb. usb are all self powered so will be plug and play. 3.5mm can be hit or miss depending on the product. many might be plug and play though some (lavalier mics, some boom mics) may not. anything xlr of course will require phantom power so i will ignore those.

    the blue snowball ice comes under budget. quality is acceptable though people often complain about it being on the quiet side. shock mounts are expensive and it is a little large.

    the go mic is small and decent for the price

    the neewer microphones may be lacking in bass pickup but for the extremely low price they are offered at sound rather good. many people have had luck in using them without a power supply although some people's hardware requires the use of one. its hit or miss. podcastage has good reviews on YT of them worth watching.

    if you go over your budget a bit..

    the atr2500usb is a cheaper somewhat worse version of the at2020. worth looking at if you wanted to step up into something a bit higher quality.

    everything above except the neewer models are usb output.
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