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quick background, I am building a custom PC cabinet that is roughly 6ft tall, 3ft wide, 3 ft deep. It will have 3 motherboard trays on rails and 2 stationary shelves (top and bottom). The systems in it on the drawers will be:

1). asrock dual socket 2011 (x2 e5-2670), 32gb ECC mem 8x 4gb, 10x HDD, 6x SSD

2.) MSI 970 gaming mobo with AMD fx-8300 (overclocked to 4.5ghz), 16gb 2x 8gb, 1x HDD 2x SSD,

3.) Core i5 750 (not sure on mobo yet), 12gb ram 3x 4gb, 2x 8tb HDD 1x SSD.

Machine #1 will always be on as it is my home server, media streaming, FTP, remote access, etc so it never gets powered down.

Machine #2 is my primary pc, will be put in sleep or hibernation at times but think it will be up and running around 16 hours a day.

Machine #3 will be my backup machine, it will be off most of the time and wake on lan will bring it up for running backups and then go back to sleep when complete.

On the shelves i will have a ps4, 8 port gig switch, and several USB3 hub devices (hdd docks, etc).

Heat and noise are my main concerns as i do not cool my room with A/C during the summer months (3-4 months hot weather) in the northeast.

My thought is i want to run a custom cooling loop with 2 triple fan 120mm rad's connected to all three machines. Would something like this work? BTW, on the shelves shelves there would be intake and exhaust fans to cool those devices.

Thanks for the help!!!
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    You could do this, yes. I am assuming you want them all to be cooled by '1 big loop'? Depending on whether you want to cool CPU only or also cool GPUs, you just need to account for the blocks and fittings, etc like you normally would and simply just think on a bigger scale. You also would likely want to run at least dual pumps and maybe even at different points in the loop. Otherwise, this is just like building a cooling loop for a single, normal PC...just make sure that your radiators have access to fresh air for both intake and venting.
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