Should I build a new pc or upgrade my old

I have a lga 1150 with an i3-4130
With a gtx 1060 with 8gb of ram should I build a whole new setup with a ryzen CPU or just upgrade my CPU upgrading will be cheaper but I can't upgrade further I would just like some thoughts
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  1. IMO you should just upgrade it. Making a whole new rig will put a bullet in your wallet most likely.
  2. i think u can salvage ur gpu, HDD, case. if ur PSU is a decent 450+ w one, even that can be used.
    ryzen 1600 is a good choice
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    Installing a 1050 i5 will make a huge difference and will allow you to do a plug and play upgrade.
    If you don't have a solid state drive, get one of those also, makes a big difference in how fast the computer responds.
  4. No sense in a new motherboard etc when you're on haswell. Get an i7 if you can, an ssd and maybe another 8gb ram
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