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i recently aquired an EVGA gtx 760 reference card. I ran Fromark for 1 hr and everything looked ok accept that the stock fan even at idle was loud n cranky. Is there a way to put a custom fan on? I have seen a couple of gpu fans on newegg that look good but my card has a hideously large aluminum heatsink on it with the fan next to that at the end of the card. Can i get rid of the heatsink and put the fan directly on the gpu? Will the shroud go back on? Does it have to go back on?
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    Have you tried turning the fan down? Maybe that's your issue, anyways, I don't believe you can put just any fan on a GPU cooler since fans come with a shroud which makes them push air in one directions instead all over the place, unless they're GPU fans designed for your cooler which if you get them, it will be excatly the same fans, so you need a different cooler and yes, you need the shroud on the heatsink unless it's passively cooled, since the fans attach to the shroud and makes the air go thru the heatsink fins instead all over the place.
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