Gigabyte MB : How to change vcore voltage?

I bought a Gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming motherboard and i7 7700k processor last week with 16 GB 2400 bus rams. While running Battlefield 1 and Overwatch, I noticed the temperature is going more than 90 at times and mostly stays at around 75.

From the below link, I learned the problem is caued by gigabyte MB as it injects more voltage to CPU while it reaches a stress threshold.

Please help me know how do I tweak the vcore voltage in my MB.

I am using Cooler Master Saedon 120V plus.
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  1. Are you doing this through BIOS or the software? If you do it via BIOS, go to Advanced Voltage Setting and VCore Voltage would be the first option.

    Also check this

    I would say you could do around 4.8Ghz and be happy there. Your Cooler isn't exactly a great one to go for higher overclocking, stick with around 1.35V and under. The lower, the better.
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    Upgraded the factory BIOS firmwire to F5 (previous was F3) and the problem seems to be solved. The default vcore temp is now set at 1.265, it was 1.30 earlier and at 100% stress test, temp rises to 85-90 degrees max while mostly stays around 77-80 mark. Seems fine now.
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