I need some help with overclocking my laptop GPU.

I have decided to buy this laptop -

(its Indian Amazon btw)

Model - ASUS FX553VD

I am going to use it mainly for gaming for rendering 3D models.
But, it has a GTX 1050, which I guess isn't too powerful to run most games at 1080p.
I just wanted to squeeze out all the performance from it. Even 5 extra FPS would be seriously awesome.
But the thing is, its a laptop. And I know that it isnt really a good idea to overclock a laptop GPU.
And thats why, I am going to buy a vacuum cooler with it.

This one -

Would that fit my laptop?
And would that be powerful enough?
I have never overclocked anything before. I am new to this.
It would be great if someone tells me the recommended temperature that a laptop should have while gaming.

Thank you!
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    So a couple of things... I think you will be fine giving is a very minor OC with just the regular cooling. I wouldn't try to push it... The 1050 should be ok at 1080 I would think... I don't own one, but I thought they were pretty strong at 1080...

    As for the vacumn, not sure on that... Never used one before... What I do use with my laptop (granted it is older than yours) is a laptop cooling pad... It really helps the laptop to move some air having more than a centimeter underneath to pull air through... I'm not saying the vacumn won't work, but it seem kinda gimmicky...

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  2. Thank you for the reply!
    Do you think that I would be able to play Witcher 3 on 1080p, medium settings? And GTA 5 on 1080p with maximum settings (MSAA OFF)?
    With both cases, the fps atleast above 45?

    Can you please tell me how many years have you had a laptop?
    My older brother says that laptops with graphics card tend to die after an year or so. Is that true? The laptop I have doesnt seem to have the best cooling as the Amazon reviews say. If I decide to overclock, I will be buying a cooler too.
    But would the laptop be safe if I use the stock in built cooling and play heavy games?
    Thank you again
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  3. Like I said, I don't have a 1050, but from a quick internet search, I don't see any reason why not... It should run both those titles well. I would think max settings or close too... I've run both games at max settings and near max with my old rig and I didn't notice a lot of difference...

    As for the laptop, mine is an aging Dell with 2gb gt 650m, a I7 3630QM, 2 SSDs, and 16gb 1600 ddr3. I've had it about 3 or four years and bought it used on ebay. I wanted a laptop at the time that could game for not a ton of cash...

    I've never OCed it, but it runs strong and still plays most games, though at minimal settings on the new stuff. I use it these days to play older titles away from home, and my desktop at home to play the new stuff... As for your friend's assertion that laptops die after a year or so, well... Mine is still running strong with no problems at all...

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  4. Alright. Thanks a lot for your time, dude!
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