Corsair SPEC-03 + Corsair H100i v2

Hey guys I'm just a little worried. I just purchased MSI Z170a Tomahawk + Corsair Dominator Platinum 16Gigs 3200MHz + i5 6600K. I wanted to liquid cool it but I don't know if Corsair H100i v2 will fit in this case. I measured the front of case (becouse top mount isn't possible becouse of RAM sticks) and It seems It COULD fit in there. So if anymone has tried this type of mount for 240mm (27mm deep) radiator in this case I would be thankfull.
Also I looked at Corsairs home page and I know it says this case ISN'T comaptible with this type of AIO liquid cooler. Thank you. :)
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    Yeah it doesn't support liquid cooler that has 2 fans it only supports if there is only 1 fan. There COULD be a way to put because on the top there is 2 fan slots but i would not recommend it because it will be so tight fit.
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