Ryzen R5 1600 vs R5 1500x

Choice is down to these two. 1600 = 6 cores at 3.2/3.6 and 1500x = 4 cores at 3.5/3.7. Price difference between the two isn't huge but I'm on a budget and it is a factor (1500x about $30 less).

At this time probably not going to overclock. Usage would be dual monitor gaming with benchmarks and/or streaming video on the second monitor. GPU is RX 580.

I'm coming from an FX-6300 so I imagine either of these CPUs will be an upgrade.
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    go for the 1600. both 1500X and 1600 overclock abt the same and 1600 offers better gaming performance benchmarks.
  2. lol u choose best answer too fast. And only from one post. But yes 1600 is for you because u stream. It is also more futireproof for vega.
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