Need help choosing CPU/GPU! i7 7700 + GTX 1070 or i5 7500 + GTX 1080?

Hello guys. I am really confused and i have no ideea what to choose from these options.
My budget allows me to buy either an i7 7700 + GTX 1070 or i5 7500 + GTX 1080 (not founders ofc :p) .
I can see that the 1080 has around 20-30 fps more than the 1070, but I am afraid that the CPU won't be enough to keep it at 100% GPU and might bottleneck.. On the other hand, GTX 1070 will have no issues with the i7 7700.
I would just pick the 1080 since it grants me more frames... looking to use them for 1440 and naybe 4k gaming if it allows me.
After that (around 2 weeks) will purchase a 144Hz monitor.
Other pieces on my Pc :
- 16 GB Crucial DDR4 2133 Mhz CL15 1.2v
- Gigabyte GAB250M-D3H
- 500W FSP Hexa Plus
- HDD BaraCuda Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm 64MB
Enlighten me guys :)
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  1. My first recommendation to you would be to upgrade your power supply. 500w isn't enough for a system so power hungry. Ok coming back to the point I think you should buy an i5 7500 with a gtx 1070 and invest more on your power supply.
    P.S. Buy from one of these power supplies,LCfp99/
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  2. I have just done some research, and it says that it requires a minimum 550W if not going to OC (which I am not) so, definetly will upgrade my PSU but only to 600W.
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    Yah I understand what you mean but the amount of watts mentioned on power supply is the peak watts it can supply and you don't know for how long will it supply the peak wattage. I've never heard of this brand and you should at least buy a 650 w power supply from a reliable brand like evga or corsair.
    Go with this power supply :
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  4. 7700 and 1070. I7 more future proof
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