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I recently built my first PC and used a Silverstone ML03B case. At the time, I wasn't planning on gaming at all, however, H1Z1 and CSGO have peaked my interest. I would like to get the GTX 1060, however, it will not fit in my case and I'm not convinced a 1050 TI will be sufficient for those games. Would it be a bad idea to relocate a 1060 outside of my case with a PCIe riser or should I just get the 1050 TI?
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  1. my advice is get the 1060 and dump the case.
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  2. 1050 ti should do the job. Its a pretty good card.

    Or as Hexit says, just change the case.
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    First lesson you should learn from this is to plan ahead. I've helped many people build computers and most of them have always answered "No, I won't be gaming" when I ask. Then sometime later I hear from them "The computer doesn't work, what's wrong with it" and I ask what is going on and they say "Well, I tried to install this game...".

    It costs you more to buy without pre-planning. That said, I'd get a new case. That's not a gaming case. You want good airflow for one thing, you want room for a decent power supply as well as the videocard itself. You might eventually need to, or want to, add more cooling components. This case was made to be sleek and take up little space- not a priority in gaming.
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