Bios won't let me update it to fix a voltage issue.

So i built my first PC yesterday, and in terms of performance it's running great as seen here:

My issue is that my 7700k runs really hot while idle, ranging from 35-60C, averaging around 45 (around 70C under gaming load). The issue my MB has is the CPU voltage is by default set to 1.32v, which from what I've heard is very overkill for stock speeds, and reducing it would make things cooler.

According to gigabytes website, Voltage adjust was implemented in F4, which i don't have:

According to my bios however, the files from their own damn website won't work, and i have no idea what to do. I downloaded F5, chucked it onto an empty USB and tried flashing the bios, and got some error saying you can't use these files. I also can't do it from windows as i got a similar error.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Z270 boards should let you change the voltage with the factory BIOS. Have you read your motherboard manual?

    That being said, 70C is not a bad temperature for that CPU. Kaby Lake runs hotter than Skylake does.
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  2. Odd issue which I can only guess is due a corruption or issue decompressing the bios. Maybe try building the usb bios flash on another PC. Then just try updating your PC's bios. Check your motherboards clr_cmos pins. Beyond this im at a lose.
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  3. so i never figured out why my bios wouldn't update, but it turns out i can adjust the voltage on the factory bios lol. Put her down to 1.2v from 1.32v and the difference is amazing. idling around 30C at most and the CPU stress tests i did that put it up near 90C, now only put it around 60C.

    Makes me wonder why the hell manufacturers put the 7700k stock voltage so damn high when it's totally unnecessary for stock speeds..
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    Kaby Lake is not a new architecture. It's a factory overclocked Skylake with minimalistic improvements. Intel knows that overclocking without raising voltage can result in an unstable system, so they ship their CPUs at a high enough voltage for them all to be stable. Often times, it's higher than it really needs to be, but I think that's better than being too low and failing to boot.
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  5. The higher stock voltage is due to the silicon lottery. While most can be down volted a few require the voltage. Intel has to set the voltage that high to cover the best to the worse. You could possibly overclock to 4.4Ghz at 1.275 and still run cool.
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