Vizio tv 5 years old. No picture sound. Turn off . Turned it on about an hour, blue screen. I could go to components and put p

Don't know what you mean.
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  1. Not sure why people have such a big problem understanding the difference between a title and the body.
    Title: a 4-8 word brief descreption of the problem
    Body: a full description of what the problem is, what steps you have tried to fix it, and any applicable model numbers.

    You see how your title is cut off, that is because the title field is restricted to a set number of characters to help reduce database size which can cost a lot of money for web hosting.

    So start over, We get it doesnt have picture or sound, what else is going on?
  2. For what I can read of your title (if I can even call it that), the logic board might be dead.
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