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I did some research but didn't find what I was looking for. Per the subject, I just put together a new system for the first time in years...I had been without a desktop and used a laptop workstation for a while. Previous desktop with overclocking used a C2Q6600. Things have changed...a lot more options in BIOS now. I only have a Corsair H60 cooler, so I'm assuming that any overclock would have to be modest. I also have Kingston Hyper X 2666 MHz memory. Per it's specs, and what I see in CPU-Z it "automatically" clocks to maximum speed. Therefore, unlike my old system, I'm guessing I don't need to do anything with RAM voltage or settings? If I just want to bump my i7-7700k up a few hundred MHz...such as from 4.2 to 4.5...with this motherboard, what do you recommend...simply go in BIOS...change the clock speed, give a slight bump to voltage, restart and see if I get any errors...then monitor temp? When you overclock the base speed...does the turbo boost go up by same amount? Any advice would help...thanks.
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  1. i7-7700k will run at 4.5Ghz on its own, that is it's target boost frequency. As long as temperature allows.

    Memory shouldn't automatically run at 2666, it will default to 2133 unless you have instructed it to use the XMP profile.

    You can force the CPU to run at 4.5Ghz all the time, just by changing the base multiplier, shouldn't need any extra voltage (you might even be able to get away with less). But even an h60 should be able to get you to 4.8Ghz or so with a mild overclock.

    Most useful guide I have found:

    Skylake and Kabylake are pretty much identical, so you can follow the voltage and temperature recommendations. Max frequency on Kabylake is a quite a bit higher, but at the expense of greater heat. They'll run fast, just don't expect them to stay cool doing it.
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  2. Thanks...I'll have to take a look at that. To're turbo does get up to 4.5GHz...I should've specified that I was looking to bump base up to 4.5...which would presumably push turbo boost up to 4.8.

    I'll have to look at my BIOS to see what memory profile is being're probably right about XMP.
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  3. Good luck. The 7700k runs hotter than the sun. A corsair H60 will melt into butter with any increase in voltage.
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    Plenty of examples of people running things like evo 212 to get 4.8Ghz, it doesn't take much voltage to coax the chip to that. Getting it up to 5+ Ghz does take a little more, ideally delidding. But overkill cooling can keep it in the low 80s.
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