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So, I was wondering if I could custom water cool my current pc if I ever wanted to. Not sure if I will ever do it, but I'm just kinda curious to know if I can. Anyway, here is my current build.
I would plan on cooling the CPU and GPU and would wanna do hardline tubing.
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    It can be done but I would get a different case.

    XSPC Raystorm CPU block $60
    EKWB 1070 Full cover block $92 On sale right now from EK
    Depending on how much you want to overclock 240mm for mid OC on cpu 360mm for high OC, then add another 120mm for the cpu.
    So ether a 360mm $96 or 480mm $134 radiator for the setup
    XSPC D5 Reseroir/Pump $155
    XSPC PETG tubing 8pack $30
    XSPC easy cut & bender $20
    XSPC Fittings $50-100
    Good fans $30-40 or in push/pull $60-80
    Distilled water $2
    Silver kill coil $7
    Any color additives $12
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