RGB-fans working with ASUS Aura

Hi guys

First the relevant hardware:

Motherboard: Asus Z270F ROG Strix Gaming
Graphiccard: Asus GTX 1080 ROG Strix A8

I am using the ASUS Aura software to make the hardware emit a LED-color corresponding to the temperature of both hardware parts (one color for each). I am going to upgrade my CPU cooler and would like some RGB-fans on that. I would like to avoid using software like e.g. Corsair link.

The question: Which fans supports, that I connect them on the motherboard with the 4-pin cable and through that can have the color of the fans controlled through that?

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    The Aura Sync page on Asus's website has a list of compatible hardware.

    If you scroll towards the bottom you will find fans that are compatible with Aura.
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