GTX 1070 low memory overclock/Bios issues...

My issue is that i can OC my 1070 to like 4300mhz (memory clock) with the KFA2 EX edition but another friend can go to like 4900mhz stable... I looked it up.. I have the microm memory.. while he samsung. I did the bios update my memory OC didnt change... But the minimum fan speed is now 50% in the afterburner not 25%... and if i let on stock/auto it stays on 50% not 0% that it used to,... If you have any suggestions..


(PSU Evga g2 850w)
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  1. what's the problem you want help with? the memory or the fan speed?
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  2. Now the memory speed. I fixed the fan issue with another edition of that bios
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  3. overclocking is the luck or the draw, the silicon lottery, you get lucky or you don't. Looks like you didn't.

    If you read in depth OC guides you may find ways of getting a bit more out of it.
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  4. Still 4300mhz and others 4900.... its kinda of a big difference Not talking about the core clock which is lower too but its normal on the core..
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  5. rip
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