Screen goes black after splash screen (still has sound) with any AMD drivers installed

Hey Forum,
As the title suggests, if I have any AMD drivers installed the screen goes black when it should be moving onto the login screen after the splash screen. I still have sound though and can hear the greeting sound even with no display.

I can log in just fine in safe mode and it's running now on generic drivers after removing the AMD ones with DDU. I've even tried older drivers and still I get the same thing.

System specs are:
Core i5 3570K
MSI - Z77A-G41
16GB Kingmax RAM
700w Silverstone Strider Gold rated PSU
Sapphire R9 390 8GB GPU

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. test this gpu in another system and if it does the same rma time .
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  2. Is it a thing for them to still work on BIOS screens and in Safe Mode/on generic drivers and come up with blank screens when using drivers?
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  3. Scratch that. As I finished posting that comment, it did the same thing after working for hours. So I can't say it works with generic drivers.
    I mean, it was as I'd finished installing Office 365 but I doubt that would have been it.
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  4. it work on generic but not with the maker driver i am shure it is defective .
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  5. Even with the generic driver, it didn't last. It just took longer to replicate.
    I've since removed the card and used the iGPU and haven't had any trouble since. I'm going to see if I can get a few older versions of the drivers test them all with the card in another system to see whether it's time for an RMA.
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  6. you will loose time rma now .
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