Is my OC FX-6300 bottlenecking my RX 480 1330mhz GPU

I recently built my first gaming pc, of which I had a tight budget but I wanted an rx 480 I found on sale newegg for only $200. When I put it togather, the fx 6300 was bottlenecking terribly, but since overclocking it from 3.5 ghz to 4.5 things have gotten better, but not the performance I would see on a benchmarking video with, say, rx 480 + i5 6600k. I am wondering though, is my cpu still holding back my GPU? In games like just cause 3 I have stuttering, although I dont know if this is because of my 8gb of ram, but in most games my GPU load is 100% and cpu around 50-80%. I just dont really know enough to officially answer this myself so someone please tell me.
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  1. Its absolutely holding the GPU back in CPU intensive situations. It would hold anything greater than a GTX 960 or GTX 1050 Ti back.
  2. You are very very unlikely to have stuttering from having only 8gb of ram unless your ram is super bad.

    It is almost certainly holding your GPU back in some games but not all. Older games are less likely to bottleneck, although there are exceptions even there. A lightly modded Fallout 3 can peg that CPU. I don't have Just cause 3 because I didn't like Just Cause 2. But I've recently seen Just Cause 2 played on a older i7-3770 and a 1050tii 4gb and the game ran at max with no stuttering. Obviously not the same game, but as close a personal experience as I have.
  3. Thank you. If I was to get an fx 8350 and OC would that still bottleneck?
  4. InternalinfernoX said:
    Thank you. If I was to get an fx 8350 and OC would that still bottleneck?

    Less often, but it would still do so in some games. If you want to stay with AMD, have you considered one of the cheaper Ryzen setups? Or a basic level Intel i5 like a 4690 can be had for cheap are much more powerful than the 8350.
  5. Not if your running your 6300 @4.5 the problem is still most games are going to be using more 2-4 of a CPU core which is why most people recommend an i5 over an i7.
  6. Well, its just a lot of money getting another mobo ram and cpu so if i could stay with the am3+ socket and have less bottleneck that would be nice.
  7. So i guess 8350, i wish the 9590 was am3+
  8. I understand just saying the money you would send probably would be better to save up to upgrade to Kaybe/Ryzen maybe 6 months to year
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