Asus Maximus IX Hero Motherboard USB issues

I finished a computer build this weekend and everything seems to be going great overall except for one item. When I plus the USB wireless receivers into the main USB ports on the Asus motherboard, the keyboard and mouse continually go to "sleep". This is in the middle of working with them and less than a minute each time, like they are cutting in and out. With the Logitech G900 gaming mouse, I can have the monitor up for it and it keeps showing it going to sleep.

When I pull the USB receivers from the back and move them to the front case mounted USB ports, they work completely fine. Any thoughts or anyone else experience this?
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    which usb wireless nics go to which devices ? if you have the wireless usb nics right beside each other on the same slot.
    Its a sure fire bet one of them if not all of them will go out completely until you remove them.
    Put your wireless nic mouse at the top of the mobo, then right beside it dedicate a usb keyboard to it.
    Put your wireless internet nic card on the front panel case, least that way it has its own space and air to get all the signals it wants from the router.

    Sometimes you have to pick which nics will go on the mobo and which won't and use a corded device like a controller keyboard and printer.
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