Best RAM configuration? (# of slots, channels, etc)

I have two questions...

(1) If you have Dual Channel (4 slots, assuming slots 1&3=1, slots 2&4=2) on your Mobo of 16GB of RAM (assume DDR4), what is the best configuration for performance?

(a) 1x16 GB single channel
(b) 2x8 GB single channel (slots 1&3)
(c) 2x8 GB dual channel (slots 1&2)
(d) 4x4 GB (all slots)

(2) Does Intel Quad Channel boards (assuming 4 slots) make any difference, or is there a sweet spot for that configuration too?

- Ben
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  1. 2x8GB dual channel. Check mobo manual for which slots are paired.

    For gaming there is no advantage to four sticks whether in dual or quad channel configuration. There are some specific productivity software that might be able to take advantage of quad channel but dunno what they are.
  2. In the past, with previous versions of DDR RAM, didn't the placement matter for performance? Technically it should still matter since the more RAM you use (slots), the more voltage your mobo needs & the more the memory controller has to switch to the correct RAM in those slots (more work), which makes it less efficient than using less RAM slots. But if you only use one stick of RAM (16GB), then you aren't utilizing the dual channel capability, so there should be a loss in performance. I'd rather have some benchmarks on this to be honest, but I haven't seen this tested anywhere.
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    Yes it absolutely matters. Please reread what I wrote as I addressed both of your points about # of sticks and which slots.

    You would need an X-series mobo with a high end cpu to show any gain from more than two sticks.
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