White horizontal lines in bios and Windows

Hey guys I have a feeling I know the answer already but yesterday my pc went a bit ape. I was playing Fallout 4 and everything went blank, froze and when I restarted my pc everything seemed fine. I tried to play Just Cause 3 thinking maybe it was just Fallout but the same thing happened. I restarted again and this time everything went dark while just browsing the web and looking for any updates. After that the computer wouldn't boot into windows unless in safe mode.
I used that time in safe mode to remove and reinstall graphics drivers but when I tried booting back into normal windows my screen was showing white lines everywhere even in the bios screens. So good news is my pc now at least boots into normal windows but bad news is there's lines everywhere.

My card is a geforce 780 sc which I bought just over 3yrs ago so it's just out of warranty (always the way) I'm running Windows 10 in case that makes any difference but I don't think it does.
I'm guessing it's dying but since I have a poorly pooch that needs a lot of vet treatment I'm hoping I'm wrong, damn dog's bank account has more money in it than my own.
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    Just make sure it is not something caused by either cable or monitor (very unlikely but check that anyway if you can). But it really looks like your GPU 'flat-lined'.
  2. I'm pretty sure that all weird white lines you got comes from broken GPU.
  3. try cleaing the card and reseating it to see if it locked in. you can also try and call the gpu vendor ask to speak to a level two customer service rep. see if they give you a one time rma.
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