Costum build pc keeps crashing while playing games

PC specs
-Asus prime B250-plus DDR4 socket 1151 intel B250
-Scythe fuma dual tower power SCFM-1000
-Intel Core i5 7600 3.5-4.1.GHZ 6MB 4 Core 4 threads boxed
-MSI Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4G OC
-Intel 240 GB M.2 540 Series
-Western Digital 1000 GB 3.5 inch blue
-Windows 10 64 bit
-Corsair CX550M
-Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) 2400MHZ DDR4 Vengeance
-Corsair Carbide clear 400C

Bought this pc build a week ago and in the beginning everything was all fine and the games i wanted to play ran smooth. I returned home after being away for 3 days and i started getting BSOD and random game crashes while playing CSGO and H1Z1. I have been researching for days now and tried alot of things and i ran out of options of what to do. Should i return the pc to the store? Or is this an easy fixable thing.
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    It would probably be simplest just to return it, depending on whether or not you have a warranty and whether or not you would violate it by attempting modifications. If you are set in fixing it yourself then you should start with system restore to see if it is a software issue. If it continues I would download updated drivers. If it is still isn't going away I would try testing the computer’s memory for errors and checking its temperature to ensure that it isn’t overheating.
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