Sudden low voltage/ possible PSU failure. Please help

I have been having issues with my PC for a while now. It first started with my CPU fan stopping and the CPU overheating. This would cause the system to shutdown on the spot. So I replaced the fan. I made a post here and got a lot of help with maintenance and things were running MUCH better for a few days. Now all of the sudden any time I play a game or watch a video I am getting crashes. Games freeze and web browsers go to the "there was a problem displaying the webpage" screens. The computer boots fine and games/videos work fine for a few minutes before crashing. I have noticed a reduced framerate (minor but noticable to me) when games are running before crashing. After running HWmonitor and Speccy for a while I have noticed severe drops in voltage. I have a Corsair - CX Series Modular CX750M 750W ATX Power Supply. I do not know an easy way to share the HWmonitor data but under voltages the min on +12v is 1.906v and the min on +5v is 1.608v. I get warnings about the vcore voltage being low from AIsuite sometimes too. If I understand things correctly. these are way too low. They rarely drop this low and are usually running around 12v and 5v. But ANY drops this low are a major cause for concern, correct? I do not know enough about these things. Also I am wondering if this is for sure a PSU issue or could the motherboard be the culprit? I am at a loss here and would appreciate any help as I can only afford to replace one component at this time.
Here is a current speccy link -
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    Sometimes OS softwares show failure info, go to Bios and check 12 5 3.3 voltage in there. Your system wouldnt even start on under 2v instead of 12. Did you do any overclocking? Run cpu stress test and make a picture of HWmonitor and show it here.
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