ISP Modem/Router, Managed Switch, Multiple Static IP’s addresses and more routers.

I have a router/modem from my ISP(Fios g1100) and managed switch(HP Procurve 2510-24 J9019B) and routers(Asus RT-N12). I am trying to set up a network where each Static IP my ISP assigned is assigned to each router that is connected to the managed switch.
The ISP(Fios) modem/router is assigned to one of the Static IPs leased to me by my ISP. I connected ISP(Fios) modem/router to the first port of the managed switch. The managed switch Is factory reset by the way. I connected one of the routers(Asus RT-N12) to the second port on the managed switch. I assigned another one of the Static IPs to the router(Asus RT-N12)in the WAN settings. I provided all the information to the router which includes Static IP, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, Primary and Secondary DNS.
So when I try and use the router(Asus RT-N12) I assigned the second Static IP address , the computer connect to that router cannot connect to the internet.
What did I do wrong?
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  1. If you have multiple IPs from your ISP, then you should have a switch on the ISP side of the routers so that the WAN port on all the routers (with static IP) is tied to the ISP. Do you have coax of ethernet from the ONT?
  2. Yes I have the coax of Ethernet from the ONT connected to the modem/router. I have the Ethernet from the routers and the one from the ISP router/modem connect to wan to managed switch.
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    To use the ethernet ports on the ISP device you have to use it in bridge mode rather than as a router. If it is in router mode, then the addresses on the ethernet ports are local addresses and FIOS never sees the routers on the back side.
  4. Thanks! Bridging was the solution! :)
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