can someone link me to some custom water cooling parts?

i need everything, fans, coolant, radiators, everything, im looking for maybe just under 200 pound, a red and black theme and hardline tubing, thanks.
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  1. Custom loop is not going to happen for 200 pounds or $255 (according to google)

    Pump/res $150
    cpu block $75-100
    Radiator 240mm minimum $80-100
    Fittings (depending on placement and needs) $50-100
    Fans $10-20
    Pteg tubing $30
    Pteg install kit $20
    Use distilled water and a silver kill coil $20

    If your adding a GPU to the loop then add another $100-150 for a gpu block and bump the radiator to 360mm minimum.

    this is my work computer, and the water cooling alone is sitting in the $1300 range. The first buy in for parts is expensive, the next build gets cheaper since you already have fitting, pump, radiator(s), and reservoir. Then your just buying replacement blocks if need be and tubes, intel has used the same screw pattern for the cpu for the last 8 years or more so that would be another thing not being bought unless switching from intel to amd.
  2. alphacool does a pretty chep kit but i dont really like the look of the res, and im only looking to water cool the cpu i would add red fluid rather than use the stock and buy some 13/10 hardline tubing. if you could maybe link me to a res that would fit? i like the look of this:
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