Am I making the right choice with the 7700K?

I'm going to pair the 7700K with the 1080 Ti to run at 1440p/144hz. But I've seen some say that in games like Batttlefield 1 or any games that's make use of the CPU heavily that the CPU is almost at 100% utilization. If that's that's the case, then in the near future it will start to struggles with games.

I just want to know I'm making the right choice by going to buy the 7700K and not Ryzen with it's 4+ cores. Keep in mind I'm only going to be gaming with maybe a skype call and a website open in the background.

Am I making the right choice or will I regret it in a year?
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  1. Yeah right now, its the best gaming CPU.
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  2. I'd recommend the Ryzen 1700, you're really going to need the extra cores and threads on games like Battlefield 1 and other CPU intensive ones. I'm sure games will be optimized for Ryzen and then it will outperform these processors.
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  3. ^^ second that. u can overclock that 7700k better than the ryzen
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    I do not think you will regret it in a year. If you haven't heard of Xbox's Project Scorpio, it's their new premium gaming console that will release around holidays 2017. It has an 8 core AMD Jaguar CPU (w/o SMT) and AMD VEGA GPU, meant for 4K 60fps gaming. I think games will continue to work very well on 8-thread CPUs. The 7700K is faster than any Ryzen CPU and will do well in the future. I think with 144Hz, you would want the faster i7 anyway.
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