Galax Gtx 1070 EXOC. ((Or Rx Vega))

Greetings Gents , I am eyeing some Gtx 1070 cards for a while. Recently I found this Galax card which happens to be quite cheaper than the others. I am leaning towards the decision to buy that card. I was hoping any users with the same card could tell me a thing or two about it , Like is it decent, the temps , oc capabilities etc. I will be gaming on 1080p.

My current specs are :-
I7 6700k Processor
Asus z170 Pro-Gaming Motherboard
G.Skill 8gbx2 DDR4 Ram
Seasonic 620W PSU *(btw is it enough for Gtx 1070 sli?)*
Asus Strix r9 390x

Also , I hear Rx Vega is "around the corner" (which I have been hearing for a long time lol). Majority of the people are quite confident that Rx Vega will be perform greater or equal to Gtx 1080 or ti. What do you guys think about the pricing range of the card?
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    Don't know about Vega.
    And just released the Rx580 which is nothing but a Rx480 refresh and still far from a 1070

    As for your rig: it will support a single 1070, no problems
    But I wouldn't go SLI with this PSU. Depending on the specific cards it doesn't come with enough cables for 2 cards anyway

    The Galax has maybe the best performance/value ratio.
    Boost 3.0 boosts clock speeds to the same level as all the other 1070s out of the box.
    Overclocking is a bit limited.
    Doesn't come with a zero fan mode
    But does a fine job.
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