Looking for a laptop BIOS

I need to find a razerblade pro 2012 BIOS to see if i can fix my issues im having with my laptop
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  1. From your laptop maker's website, in the support section. That's the only safe source.

    If they don't have one, or the one they have doesn't fix the issues, you're stuck.
  2. The Paladin said:

    thanks but razer dont actually provide a downloadable BIOS for this laptop. i have literally been everywhere on the known internet looking for one and came up blank
  3. The Paladin said:

    thanks but ive searched everywhere on the known internet for one and there is not a download link anywhere. im at the point where i need to fix it or im going to have to sell to buy a new laptop as its just causing issues for me now
  4. Contact them
  5. Paul NZ said:
    Contact them

    I have twice and got an answer "send in your laptop and we shall have a look at it and repair if possible" after more discussion it would cost me around $1600 with repairs and shipping. For that price im better off buying a new laptop and wouldve done so but i dont have any money to do that.
  6. Not much else you can do then
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