Asus Prime Z270-A - max (officially supported) 2133 or 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM for i7-7700K?

So, I've purchased an Intel Core i7-7700K processor, and in the documentation it says that it officially supports both 2133 MHz and 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM speeds.

However, in the documentation for my Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard, listed under supported RAM speeds it says : "2133 MHz / 2400 MHz (O.C.)" and up etc. I suppose "(O.C.)" means overclocked? For comparison I checked the specification for three Z270 chipset ASRock motherboards (Z270 Taichi, Z270 Extreme4 and z270M Extreme4) and there's no "(O.C.)" besides the supported 2400 MHz RAM frequency there - just a "**" referring to the fact that only 7th Gen Intel CPU supports 2400 MHz RAM. Which is the processor I will use.

So can this be a misunderstanding on my part? Maybe there's some small print somewhere in the documentation for the motherboard that I've missed? :D

I'm looking to buy a kit of 2 x 16GB sticks of the fastest RAM officially supported by the processor and motherboard, since I have no plans to overclock the RAM. I will also be running the CPU at stock speed (I bought the "K" version for the slightly faster base clock speed).

I sent Asus a support request a couple of days ago, but haven't heard from them yet. I just think it's strange if their quite new Z270-A wouldn't support the same base RAM speeds that the processor and Z270 chipset does. Any thoughts?
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  1. With that processor these should be plug in, enable XMP profile and play.
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  2. Zerk2012 said:
    With that processor these should be plug in, enable XMP profile and play.

    Thanks for your reply, Zerk2012! The kit you suggest would be fine if I had an intention to overclock the RAM, but as I wrote in my post I do not. But this is a bit beside the topic, since I'm basically wondering if the Asus Prime Z270-A officially supports 2400 MHz or not, even though it does say "2400 MHz (O.C.)" in the specifications. It's also strange considering the three ASRock MB's I mentioned all state that they support 2400 MHz without having to overclock the RAM - with the only requirement being that you run a 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake processor. Adding to the mystery, Intel also states that the chipset support both 2133 and 2400 MHz RAM speeds.
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    The "supported" 2400 MHz is what intel offficially supports, but the chip should be able to run faster memory.
    Got a 3570K which oficially supports up to DDR3-1600, but has no trouble running DDR-2133 (what my memory can run at, even higher should be no issue)
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