Is a M.2 SSD worth it for a non editing heavy gamer?

So I'm getting myself a new rig next week and I'm not sure what to get for a SSD, a more expensive M.2 one or a standard SATA3 one? Is it worth it? Is the difference in loading speeds / system responsiveness visible? Thanks in advance.
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  1. You won't notice a difference. It just takes up less space and cables using M.2. SSD SATA tops out at 550MB/s, most games are online and you wait on the server in the end. So I usually end up sitting for a minute with a countdown waiting for everyone else to join.

    You can get M.2 2242 ACHI SSDs which use the same protocols so it still tops out around 550. Only the NVME will be faster but 1500MB/s vs 500 going gaming online isn't going to make a difference.
  2. the speed to load games, recently i had this situation with a hard disk and a ssd

    for space limitation with the ssd being only 120 gbs, i moved gta v from the ssd to a hard disk, to my surprise the speed loss was very small, a couple seconds more loading some things

    if you have a decent ssd(mine is sata kingston) and a decent hard disk, for gaming you don't really need a m.2 ssd unless you want less space ocupied on sata, less sata cables and a nicer pc it would be a good reason to buy one and use the m.2 sata speed slot

    they are about same price than the sata ssd, you don't have to have them but is nice to have them to boot and for multitasking

    what is very useful is have a ssd being sata or m.2 to load windows, that is really nice
  3. Thanks for the answers so far :) , I think I'll just get a nice Samsung 850 EVO for my SSD storage.
  4. so, you have a hard disk at the moment right? so add the samsung for os and a couple tools and put games on the hard disk?

    it is what i did and so far it has given me realy good results

    i did one extra thing, i moved my documents, desktop and downloads folder form the ssd to the hard disk, to make it faster and keep it healthier form the longest time
  5. If its the same price get a M.2 just because you save some space if nothing else. But I see 1TB SSDs for $150 all the time and $300 for the M.2 version.
  6. I'm already using a SSD+HDD combo on my current setup so yeah fortunately I already know what you're telling me :) .

    Also, saving some space seems nice but the cheapest 250GB M.2 SSD I can find here is kinda pricey, twice the price of a 250GB 850 Evo for example, probably not that worth it for me.
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    Yeah not for the difference in load times. Like I said, Online i'm always waiting for the server to load or people to join matches. Single player is nice boost but once again the difference is a few seconds from a SSD to M.2 vs 1min plus using a traditional HDD.
  8. Yeah I'm just gonna roll with a 850 Evo :), hell, I can get the 500GB model and it'll still be cheaper than M.2, atleast here in my country.

    Thanks for the answers :)
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