Get 3,3 GB Ram with Windows 10 32bits and W10 64 Bits. What W10 should i use?

Hi, i have 4GB ram on my system but with W10 64 and 32 bits only use 3,3 GB Ram, so witch w10 should i use to get more computer speed?
I have also a processor that says "based on 64bits"
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  1. The most traditional Windows is the 64 bit version, with the most optimization. You really only need a 32 bit system if you either, A. plan to run it on an older 32-bit architecture processor, or B. Just want to spend less (?)... there's no real reason to get a 32 bit OS in this day in age. 64 bit is the way to go, and yes, it does eat up some available RAM, but so does the 32-bit.
  2. If your computer has a chipset that cannot remap PCIE/APIC memory ranges to above 4GB like 945 or G31 then ~3.3GB is all you'll get in either 32-bit or 64-bit OS.

    In that case 32-bits uses less memory so should be faster. It also takes up less disk space by about 4GB.
  3. Some of the installed RAM is reserved for the hardware, the 3.3GB is what's left for Windows & applications to use.

    Install more RAM if you want more available for Windows & apps/better performance, but no good doing that unless you run 64-bit Windows since 32-bit Windows can't address any more RAM than what you already have.
  4. or your gpu uses 700mbs of ram, via shared ram from system to vram or you are using windows 32 bit

    reinstal windows 10 with a 64 bit installation disc

    if it keeps saying the 3.3 that is ram used by the gpu, it should say 4 but .7 is used by the gpu

    windows 32 bit only can use 3.2 to 3.5 gbs of ram

    windows 64 can use alot more than 4

    both run almost as fast, this days no one needs a 32 bit os really, in fact gives more problems that what solves to run 32 bit os

    unless your cpu can't run 64 bit os, don't use 32 bit os, never

    install 64 bit os and use all the ram available
  5. The obvious answer is to use win10 64. It will run x86 or x64 apps and with more apps going to x64 programming, having an x86 based OS will prevent usage of such, basically leaving you stuck with older versions of software.
  6. As already stated 64 bit would be reccommended. There are more and more programs released that do not feature a 32 bit path.
    But I'd reccomend upgrading the RMA soon as 4 GB on any of the usable 64 Bit editions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) are pretty much un the lower limit of proper usability.
  7. this post is 1 week old and op never came back
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