Can i use AIO water cooler 120L Frostflow with my 500w PSU

I'm planning to use AIO 120L frostflow in my PC but I dont know anything about power consumption. im not sure because i read the description that AIO had TDP 200W. this is my PC spec:

Mobo : MSI x370 SLI Plus
VGA : RX 480 4gb Sapphire nitro+ OC
Ram : 2x8 GB corsair vengeance LED
CPU : ryzen 5 1400
PSU : 500w Enermax NAXN
HDD : 500gb
FAN : 4 LED alseye eclipse
LED : Deepcool RGB 350

So what do you think? thanks all.
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    It should stay under 500. Looking this particular cooler up, I can't find its TDP. But, it's a small form-factor water cooler who's only power draw is the fan and pump, and all your other parts don't exceed 350-ish.
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