First build, cpu and ssd 100% spikes with any game

Hello all, I just built my first computer yesterday. I installed windows home 64 on an ssd (c:), and have been installing everything else on my hdd (d:). So far I've tried running star craft 2 and cs go and both have big problems with stuttering and temporarily freezing. After looking in the system info this is what I see.

I7 6700k
Msi z170a sli plus mobo
Corsair dominator 3200 2x8gb
Corsair h100i aio
Gtx 660 ti (from old comp until upgrade)
256 gb ssd (don't remember brand was a christmas present)
1tb seagate firecuda hdd

The gpu shouldn't be the problem, I used it in the comp i was using for two years and it ran these games with no problems.
Nothing is OC'd bio settings are:
Cpu 4.0 ghz
Ram 2133 mhz
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  1. It is worth it to try clean installation of Windows
    I got some problems (not like yours) when i first build my pc 1 week ago but after i clean install windows they are all gone
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