GTX 1050 Ti ( Zotac ) Questions

GTX 1050 Ti ( Zotac )

I am currently buying a more suitable upgrade from my basically "Usable" Intel Celeron ( Wolfdale ) 2.4 Dual Core Ghz Cpu and Intel G41 graphics card.

Going back to one of my earlier threads where LowlySkeleton gave me two solutions which can improve my gaming experience for a affordable but very tight budget of £250-300 on

I chose the second option but decided to upgrade the graphics card to the GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition and buy Arctic-MX-4 Thermal Paste. ( This setup can be found here at )

Enough explanation, now for the questions.

Q1 : Does this graphics card draw all power from the motherboard or from an external source? ( Cables. I don't know the name, PCLI or something like that, sorry. )

Q2 :
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    The one issue I've found with the 1050 Ti's is that, while marketed as a low TDP card, with "zero connectors besides PCIe", most of them do require them. However, the Zotac 1050 Ti Mini, which is the card I use, does not require an external connection. It draws all power from the motherboard's PCIe slot. Second question?
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