how much win 7 32bit work on 3gb ram intel dual core processor?

i want to run my old pc these are the specifications. and please suggest me to put 2gb or 3 gb ram in cpu.....

Window - Window 7 32bit
Processor - Intel Dual Core
Hard disk - 80 GB
Ram - 1gb (internal)

Suggest me to put 1 gb or 2 gb ram more to make my pc run good for editing and gaming...
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    With a 32bit OS, the best you can do is 3GB of RAM (you could install 4, but it will only use ~3.3GB of it). Really for any heavy gaming or editing, you need a newer system, but some extra RAM will make this system useable for general stuff for a while yet.
  2. Bro i want to use mainly Photoshop CC for editing and Autocad 2011 32bit for designing and mainly play GTA San andreas and Need For Speed game for entertainment..

    Is installing 2 gb ram (total 3gb) will make my pc run good in this current situation...?
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