Black screen while installing gpu drivers

Guyz i have an major problem..recently i tried to flash my gpu to latest bios and its i switched my gpu bios on uefi mode..and works now..and i flashed the dead the problem is now when im trying to install amd drivers which is the latest one..i got black screen while installing...and i did restart..working with normal display adapter.

My pc specs
Core i3 3220
8Gb ram
Dualx r9 280x 3GB (1020/1500mhz)
Vs550w corsair psu
2* 160gb hdd

Note: i did flash another rom r9 280(940/1250)mhz rom which is dualx version...its actually working. No black screen..but now i have a lot of artifacts and screen tearing lot of stuffs..

Plz help me..

And also sorry for my bad english
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  1. Seems like you killed your card. Test it in another system see if it does the same there.
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  2. You said you're using duel. Try using one at a time.
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    Faike said:
    You said you're using duel. Try using one at a time.

    Dual-X is a model of video card, by Saphire

    It does sound like dual video cards though :lol:
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