Is it possible to install a ssd in my desktop pc, if there is no space left in my motherboard to connect it?

All two sata ports of my motherboard are connected to hdd and dvd drive.
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  1. Amit_2045 said:
    All two sata ports of my motherboard are connected to hdd and dvd drive.

    Which motherboard do you have ?
  2. I have Gigabyte G31 Motherboard.
  3. Amit_2045 said:
    I have Gigabyte G31 Motherboard.

    That's not a precise model name.
    Gigabyte has at least 10 models of G31 :
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    You have options. If you don't want to go the easy route and get an add-in card, you can do a clone and replace.

    Depending on what size your SSD is and your intended use... I am going to assume things here.
    - Disconnect the non-OS drive.
    - Plug in the new SSD
    - Clone the HDD to the SSD, moving your OS there.
    - Disconnect the HDD
    - Reconnect the second HDD
    - Restart your system and in your BIOS make sure you designate the SSD as your boot device
    - If you're SSD is large enough, you can copy over files from your second HDD

    Granted, I assume you will stick with two devices. The add-in card is a cheap option to have more drives unless you replace your motherboard. If you get an add-in card, be sure you have SATA III cables that will reach, odds are you need to buy new ones.
  5. BTW all Gigabyte G31 boards have 4 sata ports (not 2).
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