Both the left and right button of my HP Envy 15 are acting as middle clicks.

I just did a clean install of my laptop, but some features are still not working. Mainly, the touchpad. Touching it with one finger for a left click and two for a right click is working, but the buttons are acting weird. Both buttons are acting as the middle click, closing tabs and displaying the 4-way scroll thing. What should I do? I already installed the latest driver.
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    did you go through and redo the BIOS from HP as well as download the newest drivers? Did you DL the drivers by hand or use the HP Assistant?
  2. So far I've only download the Touchpad drivers by hand. Should I do the BIOS first and then do the HP Assistant?
  3. HP assistant SHOULD "see all"
  4. Aesome! The trackpad is fixed. All that's left is to fix the missing orange leds on the keyboard when Mute or Airplane mode is on.
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