Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage problem!

Hi everyone

I've recently got a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and a 32 gb sd card. I'm trying to transfer photos and videos from the device storage to the sd card and it's saying cannot transfer file. Also when I try and move apps from internal to sd storage it's saying not enough room but there is! Sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm not very technical!!

I would really appreciate any advice or help or if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be fab

Thank you
Gemma :-)
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  1. This is how it should work for photos:

    Is the sd card formatted?

    “…we are unable to add anything such as movies I have downloaded onto the SD card. It just simply won’t let us.” This issue must be caused by using an unformatted SD card. Make sure that you format your SD card using your phone first before you attempt to store files to it. Also, make sure that you’re moving the files to a folder (like the DCIM) so you can easily trace it once you start looking for it in your phone. This may be the reason why the transfer never takes place.

    Not enough space:

    Are you sure sd card works? I have a S7 edge with a 64bit sd card and never had any problems.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry I don't know, how would I find out? It has let me put some things on there but not much and it won't let me change the settings to store photos directly to the card! I'm very confused
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  4. Thank you very much I'll try those things in the morning
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