Is Palit GeForce GTX1050 TI StormX DVI-I or DVI-D?

I wanted to make my first custom pc, and I have this old monitor that can only support VGA, I'm planning to buy the Palit GeForce GTX1050 TI StormX the description only stated "dual-link dvi" I'm confused if its dvi-i/d. If its a dvi-d what other budget GPU can you recommend that had a dvi-i?
Need help please...
BTW I'm gonna use the dvi-i to vga
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  1. The 10 series of GTX cards will not support analog signal. Your card will not post to the monitor unless you use a completely digital relay. I had the problem earlier this week with a 1050Ti, when I was trying to use an HDMI-to-VGA converter and it wouldn't post. In other words, the system won't post to a purely VGA monitor, and it will require some sort of DVI-D support. And, rule of thumb, DVI-D always works in any DVI connection. Remember, D goes to I but I doesn't go to D. :)
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    The Palit GTX 1050Ti StormX is Dual-Link DVI-D, as well as all other Pascal GPU's (Nvidia dropped the analog output on this series).

    If you want to connect those GTX 1050Ti's on your VGA-input monitor, you'd have to use an active DVI-to-VGA adapter such as this:

    But if you still want to use the DVI-I to VGA adapter you have (I'm assuming you have it already), then, you'd have to get a previous-series GPU (Nvidia 900 series). The older GTX 960 is slightly equal in graphics performance of the newer GTX 1050Ti. If you want the same brand (Palit), the Palit GTX 960 Super Jetstream (as well as other models) have both DVI-D and DVI-I outputs.
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