New build no display, tried everything

I tried almost everything to get this thing to work, no luck. So I just built a pc (it's been with me a month or two now until I finished it) and everytime I turn it on it works fine except there is no signal. When I remove all the ram it makes 3 beeps so I don't know if it's the mobo or not. Since I was making this a budget build I decided to choose 775 socket parts ;)
Dq965gf motherboard
8gb ddr2 unbuffered ram
gtx 950 oc
Q6600 (have 2)
VS500W power supply
500gb hard drive
It does everything it's supposed to except show display, yes I tried onboard graphics
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  1. Are these used parts? Did you try different RAM? Did you have someone look over the setup to make sure everything is plugged in properly and motherboard is in the case correctly with stand-offs and no shorts?
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