Stuttering in games? Low FPS

My girlfriend is experiencing stuttering and frame drops in games such as SWTOR and WoW.


CPU: AMD FX 6300
RAM: 8 GB NB frequency: 1999 Mhz DRAM frequency: 800 MHz

I doubt that it's the GPU experiencing a problem, but do you think the CPU or the RAM are to blame? I've checked the temperatures for the CPU and GPU while gaming and they're fine.
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  1. It may be driver insue.
    Or windows bug.
    Try reinstall Drivers recomend gameready drivers
    Or windows if this didnt work it may be a CPU or GPU problem.
  2. I would say the CPU. That is a horribly mismatched combo there. The GPU is literally sitting there waiting on the CPU to feed it information.
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    They games she plays are heavily impacted by CPU performance and FX 6300 is not good pick for those games.
    She would have much better performance if she can pick up i5 or i7 since they are atm single core performance kings.
    Even Pentium G4560 would give her much more FPS than FX 6300.
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