I7 6700 or i7 7700? Non K. Don't want to overclock

Want to buy and i7 but i dont want to overclock.
Is 7700 better because its 7th gen? Over the 6700 which i s 6th gen.
Will be using the PC for gaming and some editing.
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    You may want to investigate an AMD RYZEN build, but it is quite complicated at this point to explain the pros and cons.

    The performance is fairly close when gaming at 2560x1440, but some editing tasks are faster on Ryzen. (it's hard to compare because Ryzen will improve a little bit with some patches, UEFI updates and FUTURE games will be compiled to utilize Ryzen's architecture better than current games do, and of course any game that can benefit from more than what a 4C/8T i7-7700 has to offer may run better on an AMD 6C/12T which is cheaper than the i7-7700).

    *If that's not on your radar then I'd get the i7-7700. There are some changes such as working with Netflix 4K (you may not care), some unparking improvements I believe, and minor other things but the price is so close to the i7-6700 it's hard to not recommend the newer CPU.
  2. get the new generation ... i7 7700 ... its faster and has h265 decoder built in ..
  3. Tech_TTT said:
    get the new generation ... i7 7700 ... its faster and has h265 decoder built in ..

    This. The newer CPU is better because it's a little faster and with some added features. There's almost never a reason to buy an older CPU when building from scratch.
  4. If you can get the kaby lake and a b250 or h270 board - no need for z270 if you are not getting a k series cpu
  5. If the 6700 was like 100 bucks... But why the Non K they are faster without OC. Have a fast clock speed.
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