2 front usb ports not working. Low voltage?


I have a medion erazer computer and when i switched to windows 10 my 2 front usb ports weren't working i managed to get it fixed by uninstalling the usb ports and rebooting. I wasn't happy with windows 10 so i switched back to windows 7. But the 2 front usb ports do not work again and uninstalling the drivers en rebooting doesn't work. I always put a internet usb on the fronst beceause i get a real good connection from the front usb ports but now when i put my internet usb in the 2 front ports it says that there is no internet adapter connected to the pc. When i connect my headset to the front usb it won't give any sound but a button on my headset will give light. So i think it has something to do with low voltage to my 2 front usb ports. I don't get a good internet connection on the back of the pc so i really want the fronst USB ports to work. Does anyone know a solution?

Ty for reading!
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  1. Find the 3.0 usb drivers for your motherboard. Windows 10 and windows 7 are different beasts when it comes to managing your drivers. Make sure you install the windows 7 versions and things should correct themselves.
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    If they are usb 3 ports you will need the correct drivers
    Try this free software
    It will scan your system and install all the latest drivers.
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