Scythe Fuma or Cooler Master TX3 Evo on OC'd FX 6300?


I'm kinda stuck now, I bought a PC of a friend, with a Cooler Master TX3 Evo in it, and I have a Scythe Fuma that I bought about some months ago and I'm figuring out which one would do better.

Maybe you guys could help me with my decision, here under is some information about the PC and some temperatures of my CPU.

My system specifications:

ASUS M5A97 R2.0
AMD FX 6300 @ 4.5 GHz OC
8GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR3
Cooler Master TX3 Evo
Corsair CX750
XFX HD 7950

I'm currently running at 4,5 GHz, ~ 1.45-1.50Vcore, CPU NB Frequency 2200 MHz.


Idle: constantly ~ 15-20 degrees (Sometimes even 12, 13, 14 degrees)
Load: Prime 95 for short time, under 40 degrees, ~ 36-37 degrees.

Here under I have a test for you guys, to make it a lot easier :)

Red means fan at full speed, green means fans at low speed.
Note that this is a test on a CPU Socket 1155, so not AM3+

As you can see, the Scythe Fuma is not in the list, but it is compareable with the Mugen 4 (PCGH), the Fuma is even better.

Mugen 4 is at low speed tested at 36,1 degrees where the TX3 Evo has 40,9 degrees.
Mugen 4 is at full speed tested at 38,3 degrees, where the TX3 Evo has 50 degrees.

Average of the Mugen 4 would be 37,2 degrees.
Average of the TX3 Evo would be 45,5 degrees.

This would tell us that the Mugen 4 runs on average 8,3 degrees cooler. Note that I have a Scythe Fuma, so temps would be better (in theory!), and again, this is a 1155 Socket, so temps may differ.

Reasons to pick the Scythe Fuma:

- Overall better temperatures
- 6 heatpipes instead of the 3 the TX3 Evo has
- More maximum air displacement Scythe has max 79 cfm (cubic feet per minute), where the TX3 Evo only has 43 cfm max.
- 2 fans instead of 1
- The Scythe should be a little more quiet when fans are at low speed.

Reasons to hold the TX3 Evo:

- Fan has 2200 RPM max, where the Scythe only has 1400RPM
- Compact, less room used in the case.
- TX3 Evo little more quiet when fans at high speed

So, my main question is, would it be worth replacing my TX3 Evo by the Scythe Fuma that I have, or would the temps almost be the same?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. if u have it, wouldnt it be best to swap it n just test it? ;)
    but yes, the fuma would be better
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