PC Crashing While Playing Certain Games

I7-4770k CPU
Corsair AXi1200w PSU
16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum
500GB Samsung Evo SSD
2TB Seagate HDD
Asus Rog Maximus V Formula Motherboard

Above are the current PC specifications. The PC will completely crash and reboot while playing certain games such as WoW, GTA5, BF1. The CPU, GPU, Motherboard, and RAM are all water cooled. Under full load the GPU while sometimes go over 45% Celsius and the CPU sometimes will go over 50% CPU.

I currently have the GPU at base clock setting. The only thing changed in MSI Afterburner is the core voltage which is set to +25. CPU and RAM is also set at base clock settings.

I have tried just about everything I can think of, and am not sure what else it could be. I don't understand why this only happens on certain games and not others.
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  1. This is fairly strange. I would understand if the cpu was overheating and shutting down, but 50degrees would be a fairly good load temp. And the gpu will only thermal throttle if it was overheating.

    Does your PC simply crash and reboot? No BSOD?

    Your system should theoretically be stable in its stock state, so stability testing with prime95 would seem unnecessary. I think you should run Memtest just to see if the crashes are attributed to the ram or memory controller just incase. If it does spit out errors, it would be most likely have something to do with your ram though.
  2. I have ran memtest86 and came back with no errors.
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