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First off forgive me if im sounding a bit dorky in this, I'm 13.
PC Specs:
CPU: AMD FX-6300 6 core at 3.5 GHz(was oc to 3.6 but i cleared CMOS)
RAM: 16gb Corsair DDR3 (i don't know speeds )
MOBO: Gigabyte 970A-UD3P AM3+ socket
PSU: Storm 800w
Storage:1TB Seagate 7200rpm
240GB Kingston SSD - BOOT DRIVE
Other:WiFi card (i think its made by Sumvision)
Optical drive, (I still use the good old CD)
OS:Windows 10 Creators Update - forced on recently by Microsoft

Two days ago(from posting this) I turned my pc on in the morning and it posted, beeped, Gigabyte screen appeared, the usual. Only to then be greeted by a screen in short saying "no os found, disconnect drive with no os installed" so i disconnected my HDD and tried again and this time it said "insert boot media or connect drive with os installed, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" now this had happened once in the past but it was fixed after moving my ssd up one plug on the chain of sata power connectors on the string of 3. But this time that didn't work, so i connected it in to where the HDD was as i knew it was working ( i heard the HDD spin up when i turned it on). So it booted up and everything was fine. Anyway i moved it back and then the pc refused to post for whatever reason even when i moved the ssd back to the HDDs spot . So i pulled CMOS to clear the bios as anyone would and it was fine. So i moved the ssd once again to its original spot but i used the HDDs sata data cable not the one in place for the ssd. And no post, even after CMOS clear. Now i really panicked but the GPU seemed like it was doing something funny (i.e. the fan was speeding up then slowing down to the point of nearly stopping and it did this over and over again. So i replaced the GPU and hurrah it posted, so i switched back the GPU and then it worked fine for the rest of the night. Well next morning and the same " no os, disconnect drives without os installed" so i went through all of the hassle again swapping drives and things but i didn't experience the same no post issues just the "no os " screen or the "insert boot media screen" anyway, i got the system on after some fiddling and it sat idling most of the night. Then today the same problem and while the fiddling did make the pc get to the Windows 10 boot logo. It shut down IMMEDIATELY after the little spinny thing appears.

My theory is that the weird chain that the ssd and optical drive were connected to is dodgy and has broken something in the ssd to the point that putting stress on the ssd (such as loading windows) is tripping the PSU and turning off the system. I also think it wasn't supplying enough power to the mobo to power the GPU as the GPU is powered through the the pci 16x slot on the, the reason i think this is because the GPU usually has the fan running at 100% making one hell of a racket untill windows takes over the controls from the bios
One quick note, i was recently forced to install windows 10 creators update.
If you have any suggestions as to what I should do please leave them as my local pc shop that i would take it to normally is shut for a few days
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  1. When you installed windows did you unplug the other hdd first??

    Because files can get installed to the wrong hdd if you dont
  2. The pc has been working fine and all system checks done by me and my local store have come back fine. And to answer your question, windows was cloned from the HDD to the ssd in December when i got the ssd also HDD was formatted after clone
  3. Impersonally think that the PSU is failing and has taken my ssd with it in the process, however i ain't no expert so i am probably wrong
  4. Could be the way it was cloned then. Sometimes cloning a hdd can cause the prob youre seeing / getting
  5. Ok, i tried to install windows and as soon as i starts copying files to the ssd it shuts down. It's as if the ssd can't take any stress
  6. Did you boot from a flash drive or a dvd
  7. Tried both, dvd first then flash drive
  8. I appreciate your help but the people who own the shop have agreed to open their shop and help me.once again thanks for the help
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