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Hey yeah as the title says I'm looking for a cooler. I've been told so many times that aio is superior to air and just as much vice versa. Now both kinds of people make great points. I'm looking to overclock and I know they can both do the job just fine.
Now I have 161mm clearance on my nzxt s340 case. I've been told about the aio leak chances. And size to power for air. I know corsair has a crazy warrenty tho I don't know how good exactly the warrenty is. Plus peeps have often said that aio coolers it's not if they leak it's when... is this true... keep in mind I have a 900$ cdn gpu and that's a bad think to break!!!. Now if I left something out let me know. Give me feed back im sick and tired of vid after post after blog trying to figure shit out... thank you
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    Really need to decide on the type you're leaning towards. I can recommend going either way. Regarding temps though, a larger aircooler will be on par with most AIO coolers, and noise can vary based on fan speed, ect. I've been custom WC'd now for about 6 yrs with my main system though parts have changed in that time. I also have a "daily driver" X58 system with an older original Corsair H60 that's been running fine since about mid-2012. Also ran another Corsair H60i in a small HTPC for about 2 years before switching to air due to space constraints during a component upgrade. Of course, a quality air cooler should last about forever as well, short of a fan issue over time. In your case, both air and water will likely OC to the same speed.
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