laptop shuts down only when playing games not overheating

Hi everybody, first of all sorry for bad English!
I have a sony vaio vpcf13wfx laptop and recently had a problem when running video games even old ones such as GTA san andreas, laptop suddenly shuts down. This is a new issue because I have played these games and even newer ones for hours. I also have made the stress test and have waited for 40 minutes everything seems fine the temp does not exceed 80. I also work with softwares such as 3Ds max and vray and have made a render that took 1 week to complete. Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?!
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  1. Sounds like you may have an overheating problem.

    Try installing some monitoring software. I like "Speedfan" but there are many different ones out there. Whatever one you use, set it up to log the data so that the next time it shuts down you can see what the temps were.
  2. I have them all, and tested with 2 games, runs fine playing pes2017, fifa 2017 playing COD 4 not the remastered version as soon as I start the game screen goes black and suddenly shuts down
  3. And what kind of temps are you getting? If logged the info should be there even if the system shuts down.
  4. at the highest gpu was 65 and cpu was 79. I also ran fur mark for 30 minutes and also did the benchmarking, no problem! By the way I appreciate your help.
  5. While they aren't supper high temps, they could be high enough for your system to react. Have you tried cleaning the interior out of dust and debris? That is if it is out of warranty. If it is in warranty, then don't open it up without contacting the manufacturer to see if that would void your warranty.
  6. Unfortunately the warranty is over and yes I have cleaned it and also changed the thermal paste both on the cpu and gpu...
    Is it possible that my mother board is damaged?
  7. It is possible, but then so are a lot of reasons. I would check the fan(s) speeds and make sure they are within the norms for those particular ones. If not, then you may need to replace.
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